My name is Aurelia and I look represent a number of artisans in India. I present their fabrics to fashion houses in India and abroad to try and get commissions for them. My goal is to both show the artisans that their skills are needed and that there is a market (beyond the local market) for what they create. My other aim is to get more exposure and recognition worldwide for these beautiful Indian techniques and to really champion what is made here.

I am currently exhibiting different fabrics and techniques created by a network of artisans all over India to draw attention to their practices.

You may be wondering why India and why Indian fabrics. The short answer is that I live in India and have done for the last 10 years when my dad was seconded he for work. I love India, but my favourite thing is undoubtably the fashion, I love the care and handwork that goes into making garments here and I love the variety of fabrics and the colours. I have a real passion for styling and the sewing. India is definitely the best country to quench this passion because this country is one the best places to learn more about fashion, since it is continuously growing and the textile industry is so huge here. In this web site you will learn more about all the different fabrics, colours, materials, and a lot about couture and fashion.

I will regularly show you a DIY and will share the latest news about fashion and fabrics.